Hot Tubs – The Perfect Summers Relaxation

Hot tubs are great!

I love mine, you literally just sit and relax in the water and let your worries drift away as you soothe and relax.

The thing with hot tubs is that they can be quite expensive. The cost of the tub itself, all the components, the labour for the installation and not to forget the cement, concrete work.

The good news it that hot tubs do not need to be expensive. Some of the best hot tubs in UK are under a few hundred pounds and are perfect for that few weeks of summer we are blessed with.

So enjoy!


Getting Fit For The Summer & The Beach!

When it comes to getting fit, most of us are motivated when we actually see other people in shape either on the street or on the beach. Without this visual motivation, it is hard for us to eat right let alone get to the gym or go outside for a run!

Having a good cross trainer in your home can help you do this.

Working out at home in your own comfort zone is something that many of us prefer. Ultimately it will get us ready for the beach!

So get moving and start working out before the summer arrives!


Tesla Have Started Powerwall Trials

Tesla Have Started Powerwall Trials

Further to the previous post with regards to Tesla, they have confirmed that the company is now going through the initial phase of installing the Powerwall for pilot customers.

Tesla motors are currently in production and seem to have started installing the renewable energy devices in the homes of initial customers. Over the next several weeks in September they will continue to up the production of the devices.

The initial Powerwalls will be the 7 KWh versions, in the future over the next several years they will also start supplying the 10 KWH versions.

Tesla motor said that the production of the battery packs will not be at Teslas usual factory and will have a dedicated location for these units.

The production on the 10 KWH Powerwalls is looking to begin in mid 2016.

A previous post on this website said that it would be Australia that would first receive the units, it is now apparent that the units will be initially installed in North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Australia. Being in the USA, this obviously makes me very happy and I am extremely excited and looking forward to see how these work out.

This covers the residential part of Teslas plan, there is also a commercial part where it will be a lot more lucrative in the way of orders and much larger units which are a lot more scalable.

In my view as long as commercial units are efficient and energy is renewable that this is definitely a good thing to incorporate and a step further to ongoing renewable energy.

I am also a fan of solar power which is again a natural source of energy and this is the reason why I am completely on the side of Tesla when it comes to them innovative ways to give us renewable continued energy moving forward.

Amazing Wind Power In Texas

Amazing wind power in Texas

A couple of months ago, back in March, the price of electricity in Texas felt towards zero and then actually went into negative zero for many hours. This is no joke, it is actually a true story.

The reasons why this happened, well there are a few.

Firstly Texas is an electricity island the state itself is self-sufficient when it comes to electricity and has been for over 10 years. Texas runs on electricity grid which doesn’t connect with those that serve other the states, and in that, it is self-sufficient. Being an island Texas has greater control over its electricity market this is a huge positive because other power outages in other states will not affect Texas.

Another reason is the fact that Texas has much more wind power than any other state in USA. Just last year wind was 4% of electricity produced in the hall of the United States of America. Texas has no wind capacity than any other state and got 9% of its electricity from wind alone in 2014 but this again and to state how the wind influences the power that we get today. Electricity has a great demand over the course of the day, we’ll take electricity for granted from the moment we switch on the light, to taking care of our lawns and trees in our gardens to when we put our smart phones on charge. We will rely on electricity to live.

Another positive about wind turbines is the fact that they don’t need fuel, once the turbine is up and working there is no other cost that you need to put towards it, it just makes the money for you. In this case, in the form of electricity.

So, bottom line, if you are lucky enough to live in a state of Texas, then power outages will be few and far between.

Noise Into Energy

First of All – A Merry – Belated Christmas To All!

One of the most irritating things we step into a busy shopping mall or a busy train station is the amount of noise created by people talking in the distance walking through push each other out the way and this noise is something that we all expect when we go to these places which is fine.

Have you ever thought that this noise could be turned into renewable energy? Heck, I didn’t!

Well apparently researchers have been looking into this for some years now, it seems. The idea is to turn this noise into electrical energy. Obviously something like this has certainly picked my interest because the amount of noise in some places, I think we could power a whole city for a year ha ha ha ha!

An inventor at Boeing has found a way to harness the noise which is coming from an aircraft to generate electricity. And as you know the noise that comes out on aircraft is no quiet matter.

Boeing have filed for a patent as they move forward with this Discovery.

The idea here is that there will be acoustic wave collectors, a set of acoustic wave collectors along the runway as the aircraft takes off all lands the wave collectors will harness the noise produced by the aircraft which is then directed towards the turbine chamber which then goes into the generator creating the electricity this concept is very interesting and if it does work as well as they claim it will, then this will be a massive change for the world.

Imagine that anywhere that is likely to be noisy, you can have renewable energy at your fingertips so think supermarket malls, in the cinema, airport as we have obviously discussed, highways, runways, train tracks, restaurants and the list is endless.

This is truly an exciting time.

Tesla Powerwall To Go Aussie

Tesla Powerwall To Go Aussie

Australia’s electricity industry has seen its biggest challenge since the power will test the battery storage unit has arrived.

Tesla has announced recently, just on Thursday, the factthat it is imminently rolling out its battery storage product. Australia lucky enough to be the first one kid to use the 7kWH house hold power unit.

Even the Aussies I’m not going to be getting these until the latter part of 2017.

The Tesla power wall is not the cheapest battery storage maker to be hitting the Australian borders or even the first.

The reason test light is looking at the Australian market before looking at anyone else coming particular USA is because Australia is literally ready for a change. It has had high electricity prices for quite some time now Australia also I lucky enough to have amazing son, they have lots of solar panels on the roof tops which conserve the energy of the sun. This is the reason they are the 1st to get the Tesla Powerwall.

The electricity retailers based in Australia say they seem unprepared for the breast transition of the products. There are certainly excited to be able to offer new products as a source of energy.

It will be interesting to see how the Australian market adopt this new change and new source of power.

I am certainly looking forward to this energy to hit the States as we also are in need of some good reliable long-term energy besides the sun.

Tesla has always interested me not just as a person but also the idea story and the inspiration behind the person. I am very very excited to see what this new source of energy brings for us in the new world so come on hurry up Australia, once you’re done, We are next. Unless of course it goes to the UK, that would not be fair!

Chilean Earthquake Felt In Monterey Bay

Chilean Earthquake Felt In Monterey Bay

The way was actually hardly noticeable in The Monterey Bay harbour, however in the Santa Cruz harbour the people nearby the sea definitely saw a sudden change. The warning system which they had in place certainly will help them prepare for the future.

The harbourmaster at Santa Cruz said just after 6 AM the Tsunami came in and it created a 1 foot surge wave every 15 minutes for two hours. Which isnt a huge wave by any measure but at the same time, at the hour of the day the wave came; gives enough reason to raise red flags.

In Monterey however, people even living inside the boat did not report feeling the tsunami at all.

The workers who work near the harbour said that this was a good morning and served as a very good wake-up call for them to prepare for the future as something of this can happen at any time and without prior warning.

This goes to show that when a natural disaster happens God gives little warning so we have to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Preparations have been made in nearby harbors for any sign of a tsunami.

My New Ride!

So I just got my new toy which I have waited for a whole week to arrive!!!

My swegway board literally came through (also known as a self balancing board or hover board)the door this morning and I was as excited as a stoned fat kid (who took part a little too much in dry herb vaping or the dry herb in the ecig or vape stick) glaring into the window of a cake shop! (I was actually once a fat kid glaring into the window of a cake shop so the reference is just me!).

I have literally spent all day on it and it is amazing! I am actually looking at it now, it is in my room right now sat under the night light so I can see it!

For those of you who don’t know what a swegway board is here is a picture of one (Im using a picture I found online because the pictures taken by my camera are pretty bad quality.

swegwayI have a swegway board a lot like this one here, it is black with blue head lights.

The way in which one of these board works is that you simply stand on it and point the toes forward to move the wheels on that side.

So moving both of my toes forward/downwards, would make the board go forward.

Moving the right toe forward would make the board go right and same moving the left toe – it would go left.

Controlling the swegway board does take a little getting used to but nothing too difficult! Imagine riding a bike for the first time!

I simply followed a couple of Youtube videos like the ones below and I was on my way!

I dont know who posted this video but it is very informative. They don’t overload you with information, and keep it almost in a bullet pointed format which is easy to follow and in bite sized chunks!

I know this has nothing to do with Monterey Bay or the renewable culture, but it is something that I find very cool, and above all, I wanted to share this link with my friends!


Whale breaching narrowly missed kayakers in Monterey bay

Recently Monterey Bay has seen one waters in its beaches. These warm waters continue to draw fish closer to the shore bringing hungry whales as well as dolphins birds and the most dangerous of them all… sharks!

The water along the one Terry bay was recorded to be 69°F in August and July 2015 and normal temperatures range from 50°F to the lower 60°F.

Local animals in the sea have been diving in and around the swimming areas. These animals are amazing to see and are eye-candy.

As a result of these animals arriving to the shores, this has brought along spectators that would not normally be at the bay.

Spectators still around in crowds of hundreds all of them in all of the sites that present themselves before them.  Just like it would be at SeaWorld.

While all this is amazing to watch just recently, days ago a 50 ton humpback whale launched itself from the water and landed on the nose of a kayak which was carrying people who were watching the whale.

The kayak actually capsized and the people luckily escaped unharmed there is a video showing this event which begs the question how close should you be when near animals such as these?

Here is the amazing footage caught on video!

There is no law that dictates the exact distance one should be, however, you should be using your common sense when faced with a situation such as this.

By all means watch and absorb the beauty of nature. But nature can be very deadly so it is always advised to stay at a safe distance while watching.

All this attention has bought Monterey Bay into the spotlight of the news which is great for the local tourism and I hope that I will be continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

Young Marine scientists of Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a very interesting place for kids growing up because it it actually gets them very close to the ocean.

Some kids are very lucky and they get to serve as well as explore in their tidepools while unfortunately others do not get such an opportunity.

Local children I’ve given your butt unity to learn marine scientology from the scientist themselves. Point Lobos which happens to be situated just a little south of Carmel, attracts the local children as well as even some regional children so they can learn and enjoy themselves.

Being the age they are, is a very good age to learn and absorb all the marine biology have to offer because they are able to absorb and sink in all of the knowledge around them.

It is important in my opinion that children are taught from a young age about wildlife especially if they are local children, they should be educated on the things around them.

I am also looking to start up a club locally where we can teach the local youngsters about renewable energy. Starting from home we will be looking at renewable energy in the form of solar as well as wind energy that we can turn into power.

Teaching children about renewable energy is more beneficial for them then it is for adults purely because they will be in this world for a lot longer period then we, as adult, will be.

This is why it is paramount for them to create a good environment where they can live in and be happy in.

And there are many children who actually want to learn proactively about solar energy and wind energy and the bottom line is it is all renewable energy.

Let’s all learn and teach each other so we can all prosper and live in a happy world.