• Whale breaching narrowly missed kayakers in Monterey bay

    Recently Monterey Bay has seen one waters in its beaches. These warm waters continue to draw fish closer to the shore bringing hungry whales as well as dolphins birds and the most dangerous of them all… sharks!

    The water along the one Terry bay was recorded to be 69°F in August and July 2015 and normal temperatures range from 50°F to the lower 60°F.

    Local animals in the sea have been diving in and around the swimming areas. These animals are amazing to see and are eye-candy.

    As a result of these animals arriving to the shores, this has brought along spectators that would not normally be at the bay.

    Spectators still around in crowds of hundreds all of them in all of the sites that present themselves before them.  Just like it would be at SeaWorld.

    While all this is amazing to watch just recently, days ago a 50 ton humpback whale launched itself from the water and landed on the nose of a kayak which was carrying people who were watching the whale.

    The kayak actually capsized and the people luckily escaped unharmed there is a video showing this event which begs the question how close should you be when near animals such as these?

    Here is the amazing footage caught on video!

    There is no law that dictates the exact distance one should be, however, you should be using your common sense when faced with a situation such as this.

    By all means watch and absorb the beauty of nature. But nature can be very deadly so it is always advised to stay at a safe distance while watching.

    All this attention has bought Monterey Bay into the spotlight of the news which is great for the local tourism and I hope that I will be continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

  • Young Marine scientists of Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay is a very interesting place for kids growing up because it it actually gets them very close to the ocean.

    Some kids are very lucky and they get to serve as well as explore in their tidepools while unfortunately others do not get such an opportunity.

    Local children I’ve given your butt unity to learn marine scientology from the scientist themselves. Point Lobos which happens to be situated just a little south of Carmel, attracts the local children as well as even some regional children so they can learn and enjoy themselves.

    Being the age they are, is a very good age to learn and absorb all the marine biology have to offer because they are able to absorb and sink in all of the knowledge around them.

    It is important in my opinion that children are taught from a young age about wildlife especially if they are local children, they should be educated on the things around them.

    I am also looking to start up a club locally where we can teach the local youngsters about renewable energy. Starting from home we will be looking at renewable energy in the form of solar as well as wind energy that we can turn into power.

    Teaching children about renewable energy is more beneficial for them then it is for adults purely because they will be in this world for a lot longer period then we, as adult, will be.

    This is why it is paramount for them to create a good environment where they can live in and be happy in.

    And there are many children who actually want to learn proactively about solar energy and wind energy and the bottom line is it is all renewable energy.

    Let’s all learn and teach each other so we can all prosper and live in a happy world.